October 23, 2018
October 23, 2018



Each coated tablet contains:-

Rhubarb ext. (Rheum emodi)60mg

Barberry ext. (Berberis aristata) 40mg

Aristak ext. (Sapindus mukorossi)40mg

Horse chestnut (Aesculus hippocastanum)40mg

Amla ext. (Emblica officinalis)40mg

Trinkant pishtee 25mg

Trikatu ext.25mg

Hiradokhi ext. (Daemonorops draco)20mg



Piles or a hemorrhoid is one of the most common ailments today. It is a varicose and often inflamed condition of the veins, inside or just outside the rectum. In external piles, there is a lot of pain but not much bleeding. In the case of internal piles, there is itching, pain and discharge of dark blood.

Piles Symptoms
            Pain at passing stools, slight bleeding in the case of internal trouble, and feeling of soreness and irritation after passing a stool are the usual symptoms of piles. The patient cannot sit comfortably due to itching, discomfort, and pain in the rectal region.
Pile free is a safe proprietary Ayurvedic medicine that gives prompt relief to patients suffering from piles / hemorrhoids. It aimed at reducing the size of the swelling, treating the symptoms and preventing recurrence of this condition. Treating constipation is believed to be the mainstay of treatment for this condition.  The combined action of Pile free reduces the bulk of the hemorrhoids, stops bleeding and heals the mucous membrane.



It reduces the itching and irritation.

It reduces the aching pain and discomfort.

It stops bleeding.

It cures lumps, which may be tender.

It cures all sorts of piles thus preventing soiling of pants or knickers with slime or faces (skid marks).


It acts by:

Providing prompt relief in hemorrhoids, Stopping bleeding, Relieving pains, itching, burning, and local discomforts.

Helping shrinkage of swollen tissues.  Providing cooling effects.  Assisting digestion.

Preventing gaseous distension, Checking constipation, Averting surgical intervention.


One tablet twice a day with water after meal or as directed by the physician.



No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed in short/ long term usage of Pile free in recommended dosage.


CAUTION:Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.

Dietary Advice & Precaution

Eating a high fiber diet will help to prevent the development of hemorrhoids. Hot and spicy foods and alcohol should also be avoided



Tablet: A jar of 20×100 tablets & blister pack of 50 x 10 tablets.

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