October 23, 2018
October 23, 2018




Each 20ml syrup contains:-


Safed mushli900mg

Draksha 900mg

Triphala  900mg

Punarnava 800mg

Shatavari 500mg


Gokhru 400mg

Bhui amla 400mg

Bharingraj 400mg

Giloy 400mg

Kaunch beej 300mg

Tulsi 300mg



Makoi  200mg



Aloe vera 200mg

Arjun chhal200mg


Shilajit  100mg

Brahmi 100mg



Imuplus is developed through blending of natural herbs and anti-oxidants. The enhancer developed with such mixture of organic ingredients helps in providing our body with necessary nutrients and overcoming weaknesses. It helps to keep body healthy and boost our immune system.

Imuplus can be used as a foundation for the management of any chronic disorder, or to promote optimum health and energy levels. It should be specifically considered for people with depressed mood, fatigue, digestive complaints, memory enhancement, and the effects of aging.  It can also be used as a supportive health measure during times of excess physical or mental stress.

Imuplus may be especially helpful for people that are in poor health. It contains herbs that are traditionally beneficial to the digestive system, liver, endocrine system, adrenal system, and circulatory system.

Ingredients highlight


Aswagandha (Withania somnifera) has many significant benefits, but is best known for its powerful adaptogenic properties, meaning that it helps mind and body adapt better to stress. It is useful in anxiety, depression, and panic disorders; as anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. It is used as body building aid, for weakness, fatigue, aphrodisiac, nervine tonic, calming anti stress agent and adaptogenic.


Safed mushli (Asparagus adscendens) restores male & female vitality and energy. Improves overall health of nervous system and genitals, increase sperm production, energize the sexual glands, rejuvenates the flow of hormones and improve testosterone.


Draksha (Vitis vinifera) used for treating sore throats, and were given as treatments for consumption (tuberculosis), constipation and thirst.


Triphala is used for immune system stimulation, improvement of digestion, relief of constipation,

Gastrointestinal tract cleansing, relief of gas, treatment of diabetes, treatment of eye disease.


Punarnava (Boerhaavia difusa) helps maintain efficient kidney function, with its diuretic, anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory action. It is a very useful herb in treating edema. Antioxidant and hepato protective properties


Shatavar (Asparagus racemosus) is a good health restorative, senile debility, invigorate the system. Studies show that the herb strengthens the immune system by enhancing the functioning of macrophages ― the immune cells responsible for digesting potentially destructive organisms and cancer cells.  It helps the immune system recover more quickly from exposure to toxins by protecting blood-producing cells in the bone marrow and by enhancing the production of immune-regulating messenger molecules.


Vidarikand (Ipomea digitata) is a good health restorative, senile debility. It invigorates the system, loss of strength. It is a good natural remedy for arthritis, degenerative disease in body due to wrong posture, wear and tear of tissue and aging.


Gokhru (Tribulus terrestris) influences testosterone levels, nervous disorders, sexual dysfunction. It may work by relaxing smooth muscles and increasing blood flow into the corpus cavernosum. It is due to the increasing NO from the endothelium and nerve endings.

Bhui amla ext. (Phyllanthus niruri) effective against Hepatitis B and other viral infections effectively helped in regeneration of hepatic cells and is an effective liver tonic.


Bharingraj (Eclipta alba) is the main herb for the hair care and cirrhosis in Ayurveda. It is believed to maintain and rejuvenate hair, teeth, bones, skin diseases, eye infection, hyper acidity, memory, sight, and hearing. It works to rejuvenate kidneys and liver. It treats graying and balding, makes the hair darker, and promotes deep sleep. It also improves complexion. It is used for treating hepatitis, enlarged spleen and skin disorders, and relieves burning urine sensation. It is also used in to prevent repeated miscarriage and abortion. It is also used to relieve post-delivery uterine pain, reduce uterine bleeding & urinary tract infections. It has anti-aging properties, as it has a rejuvenating effect on the body. It is also given as a general tonic in cases of debility.


Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia) is an ant periodic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory. It is used in fever, urinary disorders, dyspepsia, and torpidity of liver, skin diseases, jaundice, secondary syphilis, rheumatism, constipation, tuberculosis, leprosy, and general debility.


Kauch (Mucuna pruriens) contains L-Dopa a precursor to the neurotransmitter dopamine. L-Dopa converts into dopamine, an important brain chemical involved in mood, sexuality and movement. Fertility and sexual enhancement is due to better mental focus, concentration and mood. It improves libido, sexual thoughts, erectile dysfunction, orgasm, climaxes, sensation and lubrication for both the sexes.

Tulsi ext. (Ocimum sanctum) treating fever, headache, nausea, vomiting, cholera, influenza, cough, cold, asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, migraine, sore throat, stress, malaria, indigestion, hysteria, insomnia and certain skin disorders including ring-worms.


Ajowan (Ptychotis ajowan) possesses aromatic, bitter, digestive, diuretic, diaphoretic, expectorant, tonic, antiseptic, antispasmodic properties. They are used in treatment of influenza, asthma, coughs, colds, colic, diarrhea, cholera, indigestion, atonic dyspepsia, flatulence, edema, and rheumatism.


Daruhaldi (Berberis aristata) indicated as one of the best remedies for correcting liver function and promoting the flow of bile, healing leucorrhea, jaundice, and enlarged spleen, inflammation of the gall-bladder, improving appetite, digestion and assimilation.


Makoi (Solanum nigrum) uses as Cardiac tonic, in dropsy, fever, stomachic, asthma, skin disorders, nephritis, bladder inflammation.


Kalmegh (Andrographis peniculata) is used for digestive complaints including diarrhea, constipation, intestinal gas, colic, and stomach pain; for liver conditions including an enlarged liver, jaundice, and liver damage due to medications; for infections including leprosy, pneumonia, tuberculosis, gonorrhea, syphilis, malaria, cholera, leptospirosis, rabies, sinusitis, and HIV/AIDS; and for skin conditions including wounds, ulcers and itchiness.


Jethimadh (Glycyrrhiza glabra) used in inflammation of mucous membrane, food poison, acidity, stomachaches, coughs, horse-voice, bronchitis, asthma, ulcers, arthritis, sun-burns, stomach and duodenal ulcers, hepatitis, hysteria, food poisoning, hypoglycemia, colitis, diverticulitis, gastritis, some of stress related disorders, nausea, and inflammation.


Aloe vera  possesses antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activities that help prevent wound infections. It also has immuno-stimulantory and anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates collagen synthesis and skin regeneration. Improve immune function, speeds up recovery after surgery, and also helps in treating conjunctivitis and some allergic reactions. It is bitter, cooling, purgative, cathartic, stomachic, blood purifier, emmenagogue, alterative aphrodisiac, anthelmintic, useful in eyes and uterine complaints.


Arjun chhal (Terminalia arjuna) exerts a positive inotropic and hypotensive effect, increases the coronary artery flow and protects the myocardium against ischemic damage, Arjuna contains several substances that have a very strong antioxidant benefit. It has mild diuretic properties, reduces clot formation, enhances prostaglandin E (2) levels and lowers blood lipid levels which contribute towards the management of hypertension.


Trikatu ext. supports the body’s natural cleansing process, gastric function and digestion, the bioavailability of other nutrients by supporting normal absorption through the gastrointestinal tract.


Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabinum) amplifies the benefits of other herbs by enhancing their bio-availability. It helps transport nutrients deep into the tissue and removes deep-seated toxins. Shilajit improves memory and the ability to handle stress. Shilajit reduces recovery time in muscle, bone and nerve injuries. Shilajit stimulates the immune system and reduces chronic fatigue. It is adaptogenic (Rasayana) that helps to combat immune disorders, urinary tract disorders, nervous disorders and sexual dissatisfaction. It promotes strong bones and heals damages muscle tissues, osteoarthritis and porous. It is an adjunct to a healthy prostate and urinary tract. It helps maintain the balanced flow of testosterone & help maintain the urine’s flow, increases the core energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power.  The use of Shilajit for renewing vitality, used for the prevention and treatment of diabetes, a powerful antioxidant that has the added benefit of being able to cross the blood-brain barrier. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Shilajit was found to lower serum cholesterol, liver cholesterol.


Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) is useful in memory enhancer, mental and physical fatigue, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, increase sex drive, impotence, bronchitis, coughs and hoarseness. It is used in Arthritis, rheumatism, inflammatory conditions, high cholesterol levels. It relieves anxiety & tension, Effective for nervous disorders, used as brain and mental tonic to treat Alzheimer disease, memory loss, insanity, insomnia and other mental illness.



Significant antioxidant activity as well as an ability to support a healthy immune system.

Boost defense system against cold & flu viruses.

Relaxes the mind, rejuvenates the body, and increases resistance to stress.

Help the body adapt to physiological and psychological stress.

Antioxidant that supports joint mobility and resistance to fatigue.



One to two teaspoonfuls twice a day or as directed by the physician.



Keep the medicine away from direct sunlight, moisture and reach of children.



No adverse/ toxic effects have ever been observed in short/ long term usage of Imuplus syrup in recommended dosage.



Pet bottle of 200ml.


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